Jun 3, 2021
Patch Notes – 1.0.7

Hello Adventurers,

Today is the release of our first in-game event, Warhammer Skulls. With the event comes new cosmetic items, the dye system, as well as an increased level cap to 50!

Patch Notes – 1.0.7

The level cap has been increased by 5 levels.

NEW EVENT: Warhammer Skulls
The Warhammer Skulls event is now live! Read more about the event here: https://warhammerodyssey.com/warhammer-skulls-event-guide/

NEW FEATURE: Loot Splitting
– Quests: Any player that participates in defeating an enemy for a quest item now has a chance to loot that item, regardless who has lock.
— For example: If an Undead Skeleton has a 50% chance to give a item needed for a quest, everyone gets a chance of receiving an item.
– Bosses: Enemies with multiple items will now evenly split the loot evenly among all members of a Group who has lock.

– Equipment pieces can now be dyed into specific dye sets. Dyes are race specific and vary in rarity from Mundane to Masterwork.
– Each dye must match the equipment piece and racial faction of the item you wish to dye. For example, a Witch Hunter wanting to dye their gloves will need a ‘Human Hands Dye’ of any set.
– Once an equipment piece has been dyed, you will need to remove the dye using a ‘Dye Washer’ before you can change the color of the equipment piece.
– Dyes are currently available only in the ‘Bloodthirster Chest’.
– Dye Washers are currently only available in the ‘Bloodthirster Chest’.

NEW SALE: +50% Sovereign
– During the Skulls Event, all in-game sovereign purchases will receive 50% more Sovereign.


– Actions and Passives that modify threat will now show numbers instead of “Slightly,” “Moderately,” or “Greatly.”

– Fixed an issue that caused a skill not to work if enhancing it while in cooldown.

Master of Life
– Fixed an issue with ‘Earthblood’ having 2 cooldowns.

Shadow Warrior

Path of the Silent Blade
– ‘Unseen Strike’ now correctly uses Initiative as a secondary stat.
– Fixed an issue that prevented ‘Unseen Strike’ from achieving critical hits when attacking from behind.

Witch Hunter
– Fixed an issue with some Actions not consuming Marks correctly.

– Fixed an issue with turrets still attacking defeated enemies.

– ‘Construct: Shield Wall’ will now properly reflect damage.

– Improved several collision issues.
– Fixed several environment asset issues.

Marienburg Nord
– Fixed an issue where players would be stuck in combat at the North Gate.

– Exclusive ‘Skull’ themed cosmetic helmets are available as rare drops only from the ‘Bloodthirster Chest’.
– Resolved an issue that allowed consuming combination food during combat.
– Potions now display level requirement.

– ‘The Stevedore’ quest now gives appropriate level quest reward.
– Fixed an issue with players being unable to interact with the abandoned carriage in the quest ‘The Abandoned Carriage’.
– Fixed an issue with ‘More Fang from Pit’ quest items only dropping for player who has lock.
– Fixed an issue that prevents players from progressing ‘Securing the Exit’ when players defeat the ‘Huge Gutter Crawler’.
– Fixed an issue with ‘A Lie’ when speaking to ‘Frau Graemm’.

– Plagueweaver Rennecht has a permanent status effect to explain the boss’s mechanics.
– Slashing resistance on Wolves with high skull-rating has been slightly reduced.
– Bray Shaman’s snare time has been increased from 10s -> 15s.
– Slightly increased ‘Xynyre’ damage.
– Undead Skeletons damage has been slightly increased.
– Fixed an issue with enemies sometimes triggering their idle animation at the wrong time.
– Fixed various issues with enemy abilities.
– Fixed an issue with ‘Xynyre’ and ‘Oreanor’ attack players without moving.
– Fixed an issue with ‘Blighted’ debuff not reducing healing.
– Fixed an issue with some enemies being able to attack players while inside collision.
– Resolved an issue where ‘Keine Baldram’ would not fight when being attacked.

– Fixed several NPC placement issues.
– Fixed an issue with ‘Old Rosey’ running in place.
– Fixed an issue with ‘Herb’ staying after completing the quest ‘A Midnight Stroll Part 1’.
– the ‘Town Cryer’ has appeared in the Docks near the Auction House. He has the latest information on what’s happening in the Old World.

– Fixed an issue that prevented players from obtaining quest item if they heal or buff other members.

– A new limited-time Chest is available during the Skulls Event.

– Fixed an issue with HP bar not updating when healing in Groups.
– Added new error message when attempting to log in with network issues.
– Fixed an issue with text flashing above certain characters.
– Improved quest objective tooltips.
– Fixed issue with icon on quest-tracker being smaller than intended.
– Actions now correctly displays accurate information from recent changes.
– Fixed an issue that prevented you from opening the Quest Item inventory.

– Fixed an issue that decreased performance when typing.
– Fixed an issue where some players would get stuck on a loading screen after being disconnected.
– Improved loading times when starting a new character.
– Fixed a crashing issue when a character is AFK for a long period of time.
– Fixed an issue with mob movement relating to draw-distance setting on device.
– Fixed an issue that caused damage reflection to very rarely crash a zone.
– Fixed an issue that prevents logging in with Apple Sign-In on Android devices.