Feb 16, 2021
Patch Notes 1.0.2

Hello Adventurers,

Today, we are unlocking the level 20 Actions for all classes! We’re continuing to improve Actions and have made some additional balance changes to the 1-15 Actions based on your feedback. Additionally, we’re slowing down leveling for the mid-range levels just a bit to improve the overall pace of character progression.

Patch Notes – 1.0.2

Added the level 20 Action for all classes.
Additional balancing on level 1-15 Actions for all classes.
Actions now reflect correct Enhancement level.
Consuming food is no longer interrupted while under the effect of Doom.

Updated VFX on Engineer turret skills.
New SFX were added and some were optimized.

Balancing on basic attack damage for all classes.
Rebalance for the experience points gained from mobs.
Rebalance for the experience points gained from quests.
Reworked Initiative and the hit evasion formula.

Updated some quest descriptions and summary.
Added new interactable objects for some quests.

A new idle animation have been introduced for each class.

New critters added in some maps.

Added new stat-enhancing consumables called Draughts.
Potions of the same type will now share a cooldown.
Equipment prices have been updated.

Added some new rare-spawn mobs.
Updated the spawn time for some rare mobs.
Modified drop rates for mobs under player’s level.

App name on device is “Odyssey” due to character limit.
Server and back-end optimizations.
Reduced server lag
Fixed issue for new players creating accounts.

Fixed some instances where players would see debug text after trying to sell items to a vendor too quickly.
Resolved a problem where items from the bank would disappear after re-login.
Fixed issues where chat box wouldn’t work.
Fixed some animation and VFX timing issues.
Fixed issue where Flinch was inflicted before the damage was received.
Fixed stun so that users cannot attack while stunned.
Fixed several misaligned collision issues.
Fixed texture issues on some characters.
Fixed several gaps and texture seams.
Fixed some quests where the directional arrow is not displayed.
Corrected several typos.