Nov 29, 2021
Patch Notes – 1.0.11

Hello Adventurers,

Today is the long awaited update for Warhammer: Odyssey. We are introducing the Bounty Board, tradable potions as well as improvements to gold and experience games and finally an end to the group exp bug.

Patch Notes – 1.0.11

NEW FEATURE: Bounty Board
– Daily quests that players can complete to earn Guilders and Bounty Marks.
— Bounty Marks are a new type of currency that players can collect and trade for useful items from the Bounty Vendor.
– Players can take 1 free quest and have the option for 2 additional using Bounty Pledges available in the Shop.
– The amount of daily quests will expand in the future as we monitor the first iteration of the Bounty Board.

NEW FEATURE: Leaderboard
– Player and Regiment stats are tracked and displayed across numerous different categories. How do you rank amongst your friends?

– Improved several collision issues.
– Fixed several environment asset issues.

– Health and Energy potions are now tradable between players.

– We have made adjustments to bonus experience and gold while in a party, please see below:

  • 1 Players = 100% Gold/XP
  • 2 Players = 90% Gold/XP
  • 3 Players = 81% Gold/XP
  • 4 Players = 73% Gold/XP
  • 5 Players = 66% Gold/XP
  • 6 Players = 60% Gold/XP
  • 7 Players = 53% Gold/XP
  • 8 Players = 48% Gold/XP

– Additional unique classes (other than your own) in the party will receive an additional 2% Gold % XP Bonus for up to 10% Bonus EXP and Gold. For example, a party of 6 with all different class would receive 70% Gold/XP per kill.
— Your class is not included in the bonus 2% while in a party.
– Players receive the full faction points per kill, regardless of how many members in the party.

– We’ve revamped the bonus experience and gold rewards for a mob’s skull rating, please see below:

  • 1 Skull – 0% Bonus
  • 2 Skulls – 100% Bonus
  • 3 Skulls – 300% Bonus
  • 4 Skulls – 700% Bonus
  • 5 Skulls – 1500% Bonus
  • 6 Skulls – 3100% Bonus

– A food vendor has been added to the main square in Rijkspoort near the Auction House.

– Bounty Pledges are now available for purchase.
– The amount of Sovereigns has been increased for each pack.
Handful of Sovereigns: 30 -> 40
Pile of Sovereigns: 160 -> 230
Bag of Sovereigns: 330 -> 500
Sack of Sovereigns: 690 -> 1,200
Box of Sovereigns: 1,850 -> 3,500
Chest of Sovereigns: 3,900 – 8,000

– New Part UI
– Auction House now list 10 items per page.
– Reduced friction with conversations and quest text during new player tutorial.
– The System channel now displays rewards for completing quests and defeating enemies.

– Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in full parties, even when they were not in one.
– Fixed an issue where Archmages skills would get stuck until they relogged.
– Fixed an issue that prevented some players from logging in after updating the game.
– Fixed an exploit allowing players to have permanent food buff.
– Fixed an issue where killing the ‘Huge Gutter Crawler’ would sometimes not progress “Securing the Exit” quest.
– Fixed an issue where players could not progress in the quest ‘The Abandoned Carriage’.
– Lirata Dusksorrow no longer applies 2 stacks of Witchbrew.
– Players are once again able to acquire Faction Quest from Soldi Skarrinsdorrir after reaching 15,000 class rep.
– Fixed an issue where some factions would cap at 15,001 points in Wasteland.
– Fixed in issue that prevented traps from being unable to be used during “To Catch the Predators.”
– Fixed a few instances where mobs could walk into collision and attack players.
– Players who have 96,000+ rep for Deeparm Trading Company will now correctly display the right items.
– Fixed an issue that prevented players from acquiring the quest ‘The Kleinmoot’ if they closed the game after completing ‘Remas Way.’
– Prevented the ability for some players to log into different characters on the same account at one time.
– Turning in side quests now correctly update the experience bar.
– All potions correctly have a Global cooldown, preventing you from using different tiers in short succession.
– Engineer’s passive ‘Mark of Quality’ now works properly.
– Shadow Warrior passive ‘Adept’ now correctly increases basic attack damage for Dual Sword spec.
– Snitch Shadoweye no longer freezes and regenerates health when it reaches 30%.
– Archmage’s ‘Infusing Bolt’ correctly damages the caster instead of the target. (Sorry, no more PKing)
– Fixed an issue where certain mobs may freeze when they cast a skill.
– Fixed Witch Hunter Passives ‘Hunger for Justice’ and ‘Sinseeker’s Fervour’ from not working properly.
– Poison will no longer persist after death.
– ‘Doom’ no longer affects your character after you are defeated.
– Numerous UI improvements.
– Numerous Quest/NPC fixes.