Jan 25, 2021
Patch Notes 1.0.1

Hello Adventurers!

In this patch, we are implementing our first pass at balancing combat to make all classes start on an even level. We’re also bringing some quality of life improvements to the blacksmith, vendors, and out of combat healing.

This update is only for Android devices, as we are still waiting for Apple approval to release the iOS version.


  • Drakwald Forest is now available to explore.


  • Revamped skill trees from level 1-15.
  • Archmage’s ‘Wind Blast’ no longer stuns enemies.
  • Upgrading the Engineer Turret skills will now improve turret stats.


  • Improved HP and Energy regen out of combat.
  • Out-of-combat regen make the early stages less reliant on consumables.
  • Healing power is no longer solely determined by your weapon power.
  • Some enemies have gained resistances to certain types of effects.
  • Weapon Attack has been renamed to Weapon Power.
  • Engineer turrets are more fragile to enemies’ attacks.


  • Increased respawn time of challenging mobs (Skulls 4+).
  • Balanced the health and damage of enemies based on their skull rating.
  • Reduced mob density in Marienburg Nord.


  • Updated the pricing of items
  • Added “Lesser Health Potion” & “Lesser Energy Potion”.
  • Damaged equipment can now be traded or listed for sale in the Auction House.
  • Improved icon background of Exquisite & Masterwork items.


  • Increased level cap to 30.
  • Added Blacksmith icon to the map making them easier to locate.
  • Improved formula to calculate equipment repair costs.
  • Overburdened notifications are more prominent and provide more details to the player.
  • Made changes to Fast Travel cost formula.


  • New cultist side quest in Marienburg Nord.


  • Refresh timer on RNG Vendors have been removed.
  • New Blacksmith NPC in Marienburg Nord.


  • Fixed several areas playing the wrong footstep VFX.
  • Resolved multiple collision issues.
  • General Level Art optimizations.


  • Improved animation speed for running and walking.


  • New server status message at main login screen.


  • Engineer’s turrets now keeps the player in combat while they are active.
  • Numerous other minor bug fixes.


  • Private messages disappear when switching chat tabs.
  • Replies to support tickets are blank in-game.


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