Sep 18, 2019
Meet the Witch Hunter

Within the Empire, the threat of Chaos is more subtle and sinister than on the open battlefield. As such, the Church of Sigmar saw fit to create a specialized force within it’s ranks, the Witch Hunter. These cold-hearted zealots travel the towns and cities of the Empire, investigating reports and rumours, rooting out corruption wherever they find it.

Reluctant to trust anyone outside their own Order, Witch Hunters are by necessity masterful solo fighters. Yet if they find themselves in the company of those they trust they are invaluable allies. Wielding sword and pistol to devastating effect, a Witch Hunter is a dangerous foe to the evils of the Old World.

Group Role:

Both in solo play and within a group, the Witch Hunter is a damage dealer who aims to provide a consistent high damage output reinforced by situational Crowd Control effects.


Main Hand: One handed melee weapon, typically a sword.
Off-Hand: Pistol or Hand-bow.



Melee: High damage critical attacks and status effects.
Ranged: Short to mid ranged pistol attacks that can cause bleed effects.