May 17, 2020
Meet the Warrior Priest

The Warrior Priests of Sigmar play a such vital role within Empire, in that almost every Empire army is accompanied with them. Their responsibilities are not solely to defend the Empire against evil, these tireless warriors inspire troops with phenomenal courage, provide counsel and spiritual advice to its leaders, and serve the furtherance of the church’s goals. Warrior Priests wear heavy armor over their ceremonial vestments which are adorned with holy symbols and icons, such as the twin-tailed comet and religious parchments.

In battle, these skilled fighters use the divine power of Sigmar to perform extraordinary miracles on the battlefield. Warrior Priests can call upon the wrath of their god to smite creatures of darkness, utilize prayers to heal their allies or enhance their defences. The most devout and skilled Sigmarites may even save others from near-death.


Warrior Priest Concept

Warrior Priest High Poly Model

Warrior Priest Low Poly Model

Group Role:

The Warrior Priest is a devout melee fighter that uses shouts and prayers to protect himself and his allies.


Tank: Shield allies with taunts, crowd control, and defensive buffs.
Healer: Support allies with powerful heals and crush enemies with a two-handed hammer.


Main Hand: One-handed or Two-Handed Hammer.
Heavy Shield