Nov 6, 2019
Meet the Slayer

At some point in every Slayers past, a misfortune has befallen them that left them shouldering the burden of shame. Loss of family, honour, failure on the battlefield or being forsaken in love can all unhinge a Dwarfs obsessive mind. When this happens, they abandon the fellowships of family and clan alike to lead a life of self-imposed exile, dedicated to seeking a mighty doom. Travelling to the Shrine of Grimnir in Karak Kadrin, they undertake a ritual committing themselves to this future. Their heads are shaved into the iconic plumed crest and their names are carved into stone, the only remnants of their former self as they set forth on their path of death and destruction.

Those that survive their first few battles are considered unlucky but have inadvertently been molded into skilled and dangerous warriors. Slayers often see service as mercenaries during their travels, called into action for the most reckless and foolhardy missions.



Dwarf Slayer Concept Art
Dwarf Slayer Concept Art
Dwarf Slayer High Poly Model
Dwarf Slayer High Poly Model
Dwarf Slayer Low Poly Model
Dwarf Slayer Low Poly Model

Group Role:

The Slayer is a melee combatant, either as a damage dealer or as a tank. He stokes his rage as he fights, becoming stronger and faster as the battle persists.


Main Hand: One handed axe, two handed battle axe.
One handed axe (duel-wield).



Damage: Duel-wield axes for high sustained single-target DPS and reliable critical strikes.
Tank: AoE damage with taunts and damage resist abilities using a 2-handed battleaxe.