Feb 12, 2020
Meet the Shadow Warrior

Following the devastation of their homeland during the Sundering, the remaining loyal sons and daughters of Nagarythe swore an oath that they and their descendants would stop at nothing to defeat Malekith’s treacherous forces. Thus, the Shadow Warriors were born. The most sinister of their kind, their ruthless tactics leave them alienated from the rest of their Elven kin.

Masters of guerilla warfare and deception, these ill-fated warriors ambush from the shadows to strike at their foes with sword or bow. Shadow Warriors are highly agile which makes them very hard to hit and able to position themselves to land devastating killing blows before quickly slipping away into the shadows.






Group Role:

The Shadow Warrior is a hybrid ranged or melee fighter that uses stealth, evasion and critical strikes to defeat their enemies.


Ranged: 2-Handed Bow
Dual-Wield Swords



Ranged: Long range damage with roots and snares to keep your foes at bay.
Melee: Utilize stealth and positional attacks to quickly burst down your target.