Aug 28, 2020
Meet the Engineer

Dwarf Engineers are renowned throughout the old world as unparalleled masters of their craft,  constructing technology and gadgets that amaze their allies and instill terror in their less civilized foes. Elite craftsmen by even Dwarf standards, their natural aptitude allows them to create both devastating tools of war and items that improve the quality of life for all Dwarf kind.

In battle, their duty is to administer the well-being of an army’s artillery and machinery, or as pilots for Gyrocopter squadrons. If the Engineer is called to the front-line, they often carry a vast assortment of gadgets and explosives that have the potential to wipe out entire enemy regiments. Able to deploy offensive and defensive turrets as needed to assist their fellow heroes, the Engineer can adapt to any situation and is an excellent ally to fight alongside.


Dwarf Engineer Class Concept

Dwarf Engineer High Poly

Dwarf Engineer Low Poly

Group Role:

The Dwarf Engineer is a support class that whilst capable of holding their own thrives when working with allies. Their assortment of turrets allows them to control the flow of battle and adapt to situations at a moment’s notice.


Damage: Offensive turrets and Blunderbuss for high, medium-ranged damage.
Utility: Crowd control gadgets while dual-wielding a hammer and pistol.


Main Hand: Blunderbuss Rifle or One-Handed Hammer
One-Handed Pistol