Oct 27, 2020
Meet the Archmage

Through centuries of dedication and practice to their art, the High Elf Archmages are some of the greatest wielders of magic in the Old World. With a few utterances or a wave of their hand can these truly gifted practitioners surround their allies in protection or lay waste to entire areas in a fiery wrath of destruction.

In times of war, Archmages are most commonly found in an advisory capacity to kings and generals, lending their insight beyond most mortal comprehension. Only a fool would mistake this scholarly figure on the battlefield was easy prey.


Group Role:

In Warhammer: Odyssey, the Archmage can specialize into a powerful healer protecting their entire party from certain death, or a destructive caster with incredibly powerful high-damage spells.


Damage: Command a terrifying arsenal of AoE and single-target spells.
Healer: Utilize powerful heals and protective buffs while debuffing enemies.


Main Hand: Two-Handed Staff or One-Handed Sword
Magical Focus



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