Apr 1, 2020
Edvard Van Der Kraal Reveal & Interview with MMORPG.com

Edvard Van Der Kraal

Warhammer: Odyssey developer Virtual Realms and MMORPG.com are excited to reveal Edvard Van Der Kraal, leader of the legendary Manann’s Blades as a interactable character to Warhammer: Odyssey!

Co-founder of Virtual Realms, James York, also answered another round of questions about various topics from quests vs grinding through to the current state of development.

Follow the link to read the interview and see more exclusive images of Edvard Van Der Kraal: https://www.mmorpg.com/warhammer-odyssey/interviews/warhammer-odyssey-exclusive-interview-with-mobile-mmorpg-developer-2000117740.