Oct 24, 2019
Behind the Scenes: Introducing Our Adventurers

We’ve had a great response to the key art introducing our adventurers so we thought it would be interesting to speak with our Art Director Andrew to give some insight on how it was developed, and take fans behind the scenes to show some of the processes and practices we use.

Andrew: “So we’re going to talk about the now ubiquitous Adventurer Group Composition featured on our website and various other marketing materials introducing the game.  Like most of our art content, this piece was a collaborative effort between several talented artists from the Virtual Realms team.”


Difinitus: “How did you and your team decide how the Playable Adventurers would first be revealed?”

Andrew: “In the beginning, we tried out various group sketches to quickly determine the desired tone and mood we wanted to convey with the Playable Adventurers. Several configurations were tested, exploring composition, perspective and scale with different angles, before finally deciding on this group shot. We felt that this version best communicated what we imagined to be a memorable first introduction to Warhammer: Odyssey.”


Difinitus: “How do you go from a 2D sketch to a 3D high-quality image?”

Andrew: “After we were satisfied with the initial sketch, work-in-progress character models were then imported into 3D software to be posed and arranged with basic lighting. Similar to the group sketches, we tested different camera settings and positions to explore the best method that captured the spirit of the initial group composition.”


Difinitus: “What is the next step after the characters are set in the correct arrangement?”

Andrew: “Once the desired composition and placement were determined, a render was exported as a base reference. Each adventurer was rendered out as a separate layer and the group positions were reconstructed in Photoshop.”


Difinitus: “What techniques did your team use to make the final image epic?”

Andrew: “The render was then painted over to be used as the final marketing key artwork. Scaling adjustments and several details were added to better unify the composition, with background elements and post effects also added for greater visual impact.”


Difinitus: “Is there anything else you would like to share?”

Andrew: “Different visual approaches were adapted from the same core artwork to be used for various marketing requirements.”

A big thank you to Andrew for taking time out of his busy schedule to give some insight into how his team brings Warhammer: Odyssey to life! Be sure to pre-register for future updates, including a chance to participate in future beta tests before the official release. Also, follow our Facebook, Twitter and join Discord to meet other players ready to start their Odyssey in early 2020!