Jul 16, 2020
Art of the Old World

Greetings Adventurer!

To give some insight into what to expect, we asked our world building team to briefly describe the process from concept to final level and the atmosphere they’re trying to achieve.


Designing Marienburg has been one of our biggest challenges, as not only does it have to serve as the games player hub but it is also a significant portion of the initial levelling experience. As the largest port in the Old World we want it to feel alive and populated, a bustling city with people walking the streets. We have areas full of citizens going about their business as best they can while in other parts of the city riots have broken out and entire districts have fallen to lawlessness.

Drakwald Forest

With the Drakwald, we wanted to create an area that could convey a maze-like “lost in the woods” feeling. Where at any turn in the trail, the player could suddenly find themselves face to face with dangerous wild animals or vicious Beastmen. At the same time, we felt it important to try and represent the scale of this vast forest that blankets the heart of the Empire, with only isolated islands of safety scattered throughout.

The Wasteland

“The Wasteland should feel quite different for players after the other areas of the game; its more open design contrasting well with the streets and plazas of Marienburg city or the maze like trails of the Drakwald. The player arrives to a region searching for one individual in the midst of a battle with raiders sweeping inland from the coast. The player must explore the region, seeking out their target while attempting to help the locals defend their town or aiding them in their evacuation. We wanted to create an area with a more immediate sense of urgency to it, and the Dark Elf raid on the region helps us achieve that.”